10 Best COB LED Grow Light 2019

Talking about the COB LED grow light trend, you might be having a question in mind: what is COB light? This light is the most updated invention related to the indoor realm of grow lights. The existence of this lighting has replaced the use of  traditional HID lamps on growing some plants and the most popular is for growing cannabis or pot. This thing is pretty powerful yet potential, which also makes people into it really fast.

In this article, we have solutions for you to grow plants indoors with the COB LED grow light. Also, we want to explain the phenomena of the COB grow light that steals the attention of pot enthusiasts. You will also find the review of the best grow light along with its pros and cons. All you need to do is reading this article till the last word. So, check this out.

Best COB LED Grow Light 2019 On The Market


This brand can be touted as the best one on the market. Other than that, the size is small and pretty compact so you can easily arrange the light on any spot you like. This is why you do not need to doubt its small size.

You would love this light due to its compact size and the best in efficiency in its class. This light also provides a full spectrum with IR and UV. The design is very reliable and will suit any phase of the plant’s life cycle. As we have mentioned earlier, this COB LED grow light consumes very low power and will not generate too much heat for an extremely powerful light. Its lifespan is pretty long as well. However, the COB is only located on its center and you may only find one COB instead.


This light is like the sun inside a box. According to its reputation, this COB light is able to generate powerful lighting. It would help to promote the health of your plants. The weight is about 6 pounds and it comes in a rectangle shape with 14.2×9.4×5.5 inches of dimension.

In order to create a higher PAR value as well as output of lumen, its reflector cup is designed with 90 degrees of focusing angle. Since it also comes along with white lights, it could cover a wider area with full spectrum as well. If you install it for 24 inches above the ground, it could cover 3.5 x 3.5 feet of planting area. There are two COB LED lights on the center of the lamp and it consumes 200W.

You might love this light because of its excellent full spectrum light and LED lights with aesthetical points without leaving the technology. The design has been researched to provide effective yet efficient lighting. It has a better ratio on both input and output compared to other lamps, not to mention its great heat management if you install it under a tent. It has a pretty long lifespan and provides the best service compared to other lightings with the same brand.

However, the coverage area is not that good. Since it only generated white light, you may need something better when it comes to the best LED grow lights on the market.

MORSEN 1200W Full Spectrum COB Grow Light

Morsen 1200W provides a unique design and its cup reflector provides a higher reflection effect in the result. It can spread thoroughly on the canopy. It also provides a brighter and more intense light to grow a plant in any phase. When it is working, the light consumes around 200W. Its coverage area could reach 10 square feet.

You may love this one of pot growing lights due to its full spectrum light and a better red spectrum that will make the blooming much better. It also features a dimmer without leaving the important factors such as the strong and sturdy design. The coverage area is quite favorable and the light applies the technology of COB on every aspect.

However, it does not have a waterproof feature. It also has no timer. Still, you will not regret it.


According to the grow light reviews out there, MaxBloom always provides a strong yet wider coverage area. It could cover up to 20 square feet if you install the light for 24 inches above the ground. This light also covers about 12 spectrums, which include UV and IR as well.

You may be in love with this light due to its full spectrum light. It also provides a better blooming with its extreme pink spectrum on the light. The design has been studied to promote better health of the plant through the whole lifecycle. It has excellent heat management with a favorable coverage area. It features a partial waterproof technology and there is a product warranty so you do not need to worry at all. However, it does not feature daisy chainable technology.

MAXBLOOM 800W X8 Professional COB LED Grow Light

When it comes to the best indoor LED grow lights, you cannot exclude this brand from the list. It can also be touted as one of the best ones available on the market nowadays. Other than that, it will be a huge favor for any professional plant grower.

It has similar traits with its sister but with a better performance. This light provides 12-brand spectrum with IR and UV as well. It also has two dimmers so you can adjust the light for 100 percent. Even though it produces brighter light compared to its sister, it consumers lower energy compared to other LED grow light. It could cover up to 24 square feet.

This light is really favorable due to its full spectrum light and its spectrum of marvelous pink for the bloom phase. This lamp is worth your dollar and it provides an extreme brightness as well. Even though it is designed for professionals, the design is very user-friendly with low power consumption. It allows you to cover a heavier yield. However, you cannot stare directly to the lamp due to its extreme brightness.

VIVOSUN 1200W COB LED Grow Light

If you are looking for the best COB LED grow light 2019 for a grow room then this light might work well for you. Compared to the HPS or MH lighting system, this light will cut off your energy consumption up to 80%. It is also ideal for single light use for any phase of cannabis plants.

This light may make you fall in love with due to its bloom and veg modes. It has a warranty for 3 years and 30-day money back guarantee as well. It provides a wide coverage area with low power consumption. There are two big built-in cooling fans along with UV and IR lights. However, there is no LED control for the bloom and veg modes. It also does not feature a waterproof technology.


Roleadro offers a double-power even though the design is small. It gets high ratings on several online shops due to its patented reflected design, and also features a lot of openings that will be great for air circulation.

You will get one year warranty from this brand and it has been certified by RoHS, CSA, CE, and FCC. The LEDs have a long lifespan with excellent quality for its materials. You can customize according to your need with its dual switches for on and off. It is also a daisy chainable. However, there is no switch that will allow you to turn off the LEDs for bloom and veg mode, individually. The weight is a bit heavier than other brands in a similar class.

HIPARGERO 450W COB Grow Light for Cannabis

If you are looking for the best light to grow pot for all stages of the plant then this brand should be on your list. You can have one year warranty and the design features the accessories to support the free mounting. The coverage area is favorable and it consumes lower energy. It does not generate too much heat with its full spectrum lights feature. The LEDs are certified with CREE XTE quality and the whole light is made of aluminum with aircraft grade. However, it has no IR and UV lights as well as the lack of a waterproof feature.

GROWSTAR 300W COB Grow Light

This COB grow light is eco-friendly yet powerful. It gives you a 2-year warranty and you will also get the hanging kit in the box for free. The lamp size is small but it covers a wider area compared to other similar products.

The light also provides the IR and UV light with a full spectrum. The LEDs use Epileds and BridgeLux. The manufacturer has an excellent reputation and the product is pretty lightweight. However, this product is lack of the waterproof feature and a switch to control the LED light. And this is the reviews of the best COB LED grow light for this year on the market.

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