5 Best LED Growing Lights

Are you looking for the best LED Growing Lights on the market? Well, it seems like you are coming on the right page now. Growing lights are one of the most important aspects when it comes to the hydroponic planting system.

There are several things to consider before you choose one of the best LED Growing Lights on the market. It highly depends on how much money you want to spend on the light and the features you need from a growing light. LED grow lights are basically keeping the prying eyes away from your plants.

Other than that, the LED lights allow you to get more yields without causing too much heat inside the box or tent or room. Also, it consumes lower energy compared to traditional lights. In this article, we have made reviews on some brands of LED growing lights you may see on the market. Check this out.

Viparspectra Reflector Series 300W

This awesome light should be included on the list of 10 best COB LED grow light 2019. Experts also agree that the Viparspectra Reflector Series 300W is the current best grow light on the market. This product is able to provide brighter lighting by only consuming 136 watts. It can cover 2ft x 2ft during the Veg phase and 1.5ft x 1.5ft when the Bloom phase is coming. You can hang the light 24 inches above the plants.

The LED lights also include the IR and UV for the best treatment during both Bloom phase and Veg phase. You will also get a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer while the lights allow you to reduce the heat by 70 percent compared to the HID lights.

Advanced Platinum Series P450

The grow light reviews for the Advanced Platinum Series P450 will be really interesting, considering the Advanced Platinum company is one of the premium companies that produce LED grow lights. The lights are priced a bit higher than other brands but there are tons of benefits and interesting features provided by this brand. Other than the premium grow light, the brand provides a 5 year warranty for what you have purchased along with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

The LED growing light is able to cover a huge planting area with auto voltage sensing and power drivers that will adjust automatically. The lights provide both IR and UV lights with up to 3 times better intensity compared to other lights. The only drawback is only on its pricey price tag.

Apollo Horticulture GL80X5 Series

When it comes to the flowering Grow Light, we should also include the Apollo horticulture LED grow light. Besides regular plants, this LED light is great for your marijuana. This LED light allows you to get proper lighting for an area with a 3ft x 3ft size. There will be no dark zone inside your planting area, considering this LED growing light provides 10,800 LUMENS. The light is equipped with a powerful cooling system to keep the temperature right.

Even though it provides a wide spectrum range, the light is pretty lightweight for sure. On the other hand, it comes with an affordable price tag. Since the lights are easy to use, all you need to do is plug-and-play. However, the lifespan is not as better as other brands.

Viparspectra Reflector Series 450

This is another top-rated LED Grow Light you may find on the market. Viparspectra seems always provide the best things for all planters who intend to develop their hydroponic system. It comes with a 3-year warranty. Its cooling system allows the light to runs brightly and coolly at the same time. Since it is manufactured by a reputable company, you do not need to worry about its quality, not to mention an excellent rating from Amazon.

The lights are designed by professional marijuana planters and its affordable price makes this Grow Light worth your dollars. Also, the lights are pretty lightweight. The Grow Light will suit really well if your growing area is 3ft x 3ft. the IR and UV lights are included as well.

Bestva DC Series 2000W

Bestva has manufactured an excellent Grow Light that gives the work you need with its affordable price. This 200W Grow Light provides a full 12-band spectrum that imitates the natural sunlight so your plants will get the natural environment inside the growing area. The lights are very lightweight and thin so you can transport them easily.

In fact, its high power will only consume low energy. The product comes with a 3 year warranty. The coverage area is very favorable and the light is equipped with the dual-chip design. However, after six months you purchased the light, you may need to pay the shipping fees if you intend to use the warranty. And this is the end section of the best LED Growing Lights.

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