5 Led Grow Lights Review

As a weed farmer, there will be a time when you will need to find a LED grow lights review. While you might not be needing it now, you will perhaps need it on a later date. If you think that it is not important, then you must have been confused because it is actually important. Why? Because knowing what is the best LED grow lights for cannabis can help you in your weed farming endeavour. Weeds need LED grow lights, and if you ever ask yourself do LED grow lights work? or something else along those lines, you would need to take a step back and rethink about your dreams of becoming a weed farmer.

Now let us get into the more exciting part of a review article: the reviews themselves. Below are the 5 best LED grow light that we think will help your weed farm turn into a VERY profitable farm in the future:

The Zoopod Full Spectrum LED grow light

Grow lights are mostly hot when you turn them on, but this is not the kind of light that would feel hot if you touch it. If you are looking for one of the most unique LED lights available, then this light is that kind of light. The Zoopod Full Spectrum is one of the few LED grow light that comes equipped with a high-tech liquid cooling system that is often seen in other devices such as computers and vehicle engines. Aside from the liquid cooling system, you will also get an exclusive bacteria-killing mode from the light. That, of course, would kill all the bacteria that might harm your weed. This has also been featured in websites that review the 10 best cob LED grow light 2019. If that is not sweet, then you would need to lower your expectation a bit.

The light can be used for many things aside from weed, so if you see yourself as someone who is less of a weed farmer and more of a traditional indoor farmer, you can use this thing too. The light it emits is the closest one to sunlight, hence why the many stellar reviews by a lot of folks. Because of its liquid cooling system, the probability of it melting is reduced by a significant amount. It is very lightweight, so you would not face any problem carrying it around. It is waterproofed, too.

The cons? There is practically none of them. That is unless you count out the fact that the thing is almost always out of stock everywhere. You would have a hard time trying to find a marketplace that sells this thing.

Bloombeast full spectrum LED grow light

Bloombeast has been selling cheap LED grow lights for a while now (they started doing this in 2010), and their products are fine considering the low price they got. The one here might be the best cheap grow light that we can recommend, so if you are looking for a light that would not kill your economy, this is the one for you.

Not only it is cheap, Bloombeast is a company that takes customers’ reassurance to a whole new level. They believe that their LED is not perfect (though they will say that it is the perfect one for you), hence their policies with warranties. Coming with each purchase is a 90-days money back guarantee, 6 months’ replacement warranty, and a 5-year long warranty for each unit.

The only thing that they can fix is the light’s brightness and the lack of control module to control the brightness level. If you want a quick way to get destroy your eyes, you are free to directly look at the light.

Bestva reflector series

This is not a cob light so it would not be as bright as those belonging to the cob light category but bear with us. This is a lamp that can produce light for a low price, and the features are abundant. Coming with two modes (bloom and vegetation), you can switch the lamp up if you need to do so. Doing it is easy as well.

The lack of waterproofing is the reason why we put the light third on our list, but that is basically its only con.

VIPARSPECTRA reflector series V450

Another reflector light, much like the Bestva one. The company that produces the light is one of the top leading companies when it comes to making weed lights, and they have conducted a variety of research to make this light the best light for growing weed. Their warranty policy is not as good as Bloombeast, but it is far more durable than the lights from before.

If you are not living in places where the temperature can reach up to 40 degree Celsius, though. Turn this light in the middle of the desert and it would not work.

The last spot on the list belongs to iPower 300W

A 300W lamp is obviously not as powerful as lamps with other wattages, but that does not make this light a bad light. It is cheap and sufficient if you are only starting with your weed farm. The durability of this product is top notch, at some points beating even the one from VIPARSPECTRA. Maintenance should be no problem with the light.

If you can stand a light without a cooling fan, you should get this. A lack of cooling fan would mean that the thing would get heated for a long time, though, and the surrounding area would get heated as well.

There you have it, weed farmers, the 5 best LED grow light that we can recommend you. We do hope that this quick LED grow lights review can be useful for you in the future and we hope that you will have a fine day ahead of you as a weed farmer.

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