600 Watt LED Grow Light Reviews

You can find many LED grow light reviews over the world, and if you can be spared the time to read another one, then perhaps you would find the right light for you.

600 Watt LED Grow Light Reviews
600 Watt LED Grow Light Reviews

Growing Lights for Growing Weeders

Before we get into the review, we would need to tell you a bit about grow lights. Simply put, an LED grow light is a light that can accelerate the growth process of your plants, be it traditional plants (fruits and veggies alike) or plants that are a bit unique (weeds). For farmers specializing in planting traditional plants, you might not a grow light. For weed farmers, however, an LED grow light (alongside a grow tent) is a must.

An LED grow light is pretty much essential if you want to be a good weed farmer. You might not be needing it if you are someone with a big field that you can dedicate as a weed field, but not many weed farmers got a huge empty space that they can use. In fact, most weed farmers in the world are people who are living in cities or suburban areas. In those two types of places, surely there would not be any more land to spare, right? The ever-increasing price of land has also contributed to the decreasing number of people who employ an empty plot for weed farming. Electricity bills also got no other place to go but up.

And still some weed farmers ask questions like ‘do grow lights work?’ and say things like ‘why should I waste money on grow lights? They are mostly scam anyway’ or ‘just get the light with the biggest wattage because it will work best’. This article was made for those ignorant folks, and we hope this review can help them understand how useful grow lights are for their weed farming efforts.

Without wasting any more of your time, here are the best grow lights on the market for you to get:

Recordcent 600W

Budget-friendly is the best term to describe this simple light. As a company that has been around for 8 years, Recordcen has been serving farmers with cheap products. Those cheap products are also good, making them one of the few companies who truly care about the well-being of their customers. It got lots of fans, and the lot of them only got nothing but praises each time Recordcent releases another light.

They are proud of their designs, which are often being hailed by many folks as the best design ever for grow lights. It might get a low number of LEDs, but that could only lead to a more compact shape and a higher potential in generating more intensity. It is the right light for those on a budget thanks to its family-friendly price, and it would save you a lot of money in the long run. Definitely a product that you can invest in. The presence of cooling fans prevents the light from burning your plants down and prevents you from turning into an accidental weed-smoker. Got a 120 day return policy, too.

It is good and all, but prolonged usage could lead to a noisy fan. Should not be too much of a problem if you can handle a bit of noise.

Lightimetunnel 600W

Aside from the weird name, this light is possibly the best low-budget light that you can get at the moment. This indoor LED grow light got the highest customer retention level (meaning each buying customers almost always leave a review, no matter how good or bad the reviews are), which is kind of self-telling about the device’s performance.

This is the perfect light if your plant is in its blooming period thanks to its pink light, which is earned from the combination of blue and red lights. If the plant is not in its blooming period, do not discount the light because it can still work under other periods. It draws miniscule power from your power socket, leading to a decrease in the amount of money you need to pay for electricity bills. The multiple cooling fans cool the plants and the lamp at the same time, increasing the durability for both items.

It shares the same con with Recordcent, though. The noise can be bothersome, and the fact that you cannot dim the light means you will have a hard time trying to find which part of the light is broken.

Highgrow Optical Lens 600W

It might never top any 10 best cob LED grow light 2019 review, but discounting this light is a bad move. Highgrow Optical Lens 600W is the light that you should go to if you want to save money in the long run, and the lamp itself is not bad at all. It works well under duress and it comes in 12 band spectrum with a variety of colours. The optical lens design helps reduce light loss and you can easily switch mode if your weed is in its bloom or vegetation state.

And it is bright enough to blind you, so be very careful if you want to turn the light on.

That is all about today’s article, aspiring farmers. While this review is just one of the many LED grow light reviews on the web, we hope that it can help you in deciding which of the three 600W light you should get.

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