Best 2×2 Grow Tent Setup

2×2 grow tent is commonly measured precisely as 2 x 2.5 x 5.7 inches. As comparing it with other sizes of grow tent, this one is categorized as middle size. This is a perfect choice for novice growers who want to implement their hydroponic knowledge.

Best 2×2 Grow Tent Specifications

With this specific size, you can have a compact design for the small grow tent kit and it won’t be too large as you’d hope for. Beside the grow tent is made of tough material, you will be able to complement its micro mesh pre-filter. This feature is very useful since it can prevent bugs and other kinds of pests for entering the grow room.

As your plants grow, it will attract a lot of pests and obviously disturb its growth. With the micro mesh filter, your plants will be able to protect themselves from pests, so you can expect for better yields. If you want to custom a view window, it’s better to have one with a cover so, the external light won’t come in. having access to inspect the plants from outside is helpful but do not neglect the plant needs.

2×2 grow tent is also considered a cool grow tent because you can extend the wide by installing the extension poles. You can also easily relocate your grow room since it is made of a solid and interlocking frame that you can easily assemble or disassemble it. Keep in your mind that the whole system of grow room is generating some noise, so you should make sure that it won’t break your peace or the neighbors.

How Many Plants Can Be Accommodated in 2×2 Grow Tent?

If you want to buy a 2×2 short grow tent, you have to make sure that it fits all the plants that you want to grow. Normally, you can grow 4 or more small size plants or 2 medium size plants.

However, there are some factors that could affect the number of plants you can grow inside it like the nature of plants you are trying to grow and the grow lights. Based on the top 10 LED growing lights reviews, one bulb in your grow room is enough for 2 or maximum 4 plants.

Ventilation for Grow Room

As the plants consume the CO2 from the air, it also produces moisture at the same time. The heat from grow lights also contributes more moisture and create humidity. This situation can lead to a fetid environment which is extremely bad for the plants. Since the temperature and humidity are too high, CO2 will be depleted and they couldn’t make food.

In order to overcome these issues, ventilation is needed to be designed. With the right ventilation system, the stale air can be expelled while fresh air will draw in. For these purposes, you can install extraction fans to draw out the stale atmosphere at rate m3/hour. You can find out how much air you should extract in one hour using a certain formula.

Beside the extractor fan, you can also fit it with carbon filters the will be useful to take away odors. Meanwhile, in order to decrease the noise, you can use fan silencer or make use of an acoustic dusting. The intake fan power should be set 20% lesser than the extractor fan. This setting will keep the odors contained and prevent the grow tent to be blown up like a balloon.

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