Best Coco Coir and Benefits

Best Coco Coir – Nowadays, there are a lot of types of hydroponic growing medium, one of them is coco coir. Have you ever heard about coco coir? What is coco coir? Coco coir is a hydroponic growing medium that is included in an organic medium because it is made from natural materials. It is getting more popular among hydroponic lovers nowadays. Coco growing medium is considered to be a great growing medium that has a lot of benefits for the growth of plants. It is able to save on fertilizer use in plants up to around 50%.

Best Coco Coir and Benefits
Best Coco Coir and Benefits

Moreover, there is also a bunch of the best coco coir out there that you can choose. For example, Canna Coco 40L Bricks, Canna Coco 50L Bags, General Hydroponics 5Kg CocoTek Bale, B’Cuzz Coco 50L Bag, and many more. For the best coco coir nutrients, you can choose Canna Coco A + B + Calimagic, General Hydroponics Flora Series + Calimagic, or Fox Farms Nutrient Trio + Calimagic. If you combine them with the best LED grow lights, you can have healthy and fertile hydroponic plants. Look for top 10 LED growing lights reviews in order to choose the best one.

For you who love hydroponic plants or have the intention to have one at your house, there is nothing wrong to use this coco coir as your hydroponic growing medium. There are a lot of benefits provided by this growing medium.

Its Texture is Similar to Soil

The shape and texture of coco coir are similar to soil. So that it can make the plants able to adapt well as if they are planted on the soil. The difference between coco coir and soil is that coco coir does not contain any nutrients just like soil does. This is why when you plant by using coco coir as the growing media, you do not only have to water your plants but also give it nutrient solutions. You can water the plants with recommended water solutions as already mentioned above.

It Absorbs Water Well

Coco coir is a growing medium that has quite high water absorption and it can save more waters than soil. Coco coir is able to save and maintain waters 10 times better than soil. This is surely beneficial and great for plants that grow in a hydroponic system. Because this growing medium can maintain waters well, the roots of the plants do not easily dry. Instead, they can be hydrated well.

Coco Coir is Environmentally Friendly

Because it is made from organic materials, coco coir is very environmentally friendly as well as degraded well inside the soil when it is not used anymore. Moreover, coco coir is also able to be recycled as a new growing medium with several processes.

Coco Coir is Resistant to Pest

Some kinds of pest or bugs do not like being in coco coir. This can protect the plants better and prevent them from pest attacks.

Those are the recommendation of the best coco coir and the benefits of using this hydroponic growing medium.

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