Grow Tent LED Kit

What You Should Know About Setting Up a Grow Tent LED Kit

A grow tent is a perfect solution for those who have a passion for planting but have no garden. Now, you can have your own indoor garden using the hydroponic system. The grow tent or commonly called portable grow room is made of sturdy canvas on the exterior. While the interior usually uses a reflective material in order to enhance the effectiveness of the grow lights.

Grow Tent LED Kit

The grow lights are really essential for growing plants. The consistent light from grow lights especially grow tent LED kit is needed for the plants to grow properly. However, if you choose a growing space where it has another source of lights like the sun, then this environment will likely confuse the plants and cause them to fail in growth due to the stress.

An indoor grow tent is the best way to create an effective growing environment. The design and the material will allow you to get the best use of your indoor LED grow light. Furthermore, the structure is already light proof. So, you don’t have to create a blackout sheeting that would prevent any external light sources.

Inner Lining

Aside from using the best LED grow lights on the market, you need to also concern about the interior of the grow room. You should install an inner liner that will be able to reflect the light. This way, you can protect the plants from external light exposure because it prevents those light from being absorbed by the walls and the floors. This material will also maximize the existing good LED grow lights since it can spread them into the hard to reach spots including the subordinate branches on bushy vegetation.

The best indoor LED grow lights have to provide not only the source light which is needed in regular photo-period but also enough light for you to work inside it. The green frequency which is part of the light usually will not be absorbed by the plants. This exact light is what you can rely on when you tend the plants without disturbing it.

For every 1.2m x 1.2m area in your grow tent, you need at least one bulb of 600 watt for the grow light system. According to the top 10 LED growing lights reviews, this type of lighting system is best used for flowering and vegetative growth. Since the bulb already has a ballast system, you can have no worry about controlling and regulating the power supply.

Reflectors Positioning

Besides the type of your lamp, you should also pay attention to the position of reflectors. This element should be placed above the bulb where it can bounce the source of light downwards to the plants. If you choose to use high wattage lamps, it is better to also install reflector which has an air-cooled system. This feature will prevent the entire grow room from being overheated.

Adjustable hangers are really needed when you are setting up the lighting system as well as reflectors. Make sure to use material that is sturdy enough to support them and do checking frequently. Timers are also essential in the lighting system as it can automate the equipment to suit the photo-period. The last vital element to protect your grow tent LED kit is contactors. This tool will be able to avoid the occurrence of power surges, so don’t forget to install it or you may end up ruin the whole system.

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