Grow Tent Setup : Things to Buy

Do you need any information about the grow-tent setup? Well, you are on the right page then. Grow tents are one of the most important items when you need to grow plants in indoor space. However, you need to make the right setup in order to make the right environment for your plants. In fact, there are various tools and equipment you may find under the best led grow light review under 200$ if you are the first-time cannabis gardener.

Grow tent setup, in fact, will allow you to provide natural circumstance under your own terms and conditions. Basically, you will become the weather when you use the grow tent properly. In order to have a reliable yet proper indoor gardening system, it is important for you to own and prepare several items of equipment. In this article, we will show you how to set the grow tent just like the best grow tent setup since day one. Check this out.

What is the significant effect on using a grow tent?

Setting up a tent will simplify hydroponic gardening and indoor soil at the same time. It also allows you to take care of the crops all year long without caring too much on the season. You are the weather so you can control anything needed to grow your crops.

Total environment control and efficient use of space

Owning a grow tent will ease up a lot of concerns related to growing plants in the indoor area. You know the space you need to put the tent and you are also able to grow various crops in the same room in any season. On the other hand, it promotes a cleaner environment for growing your plants such as the hydroponic method.

Easy to use

Owning the best indoor grow tent will allow saving money compared to setting a grow room. You also no longer need to buy and build a grow room. The whole set can be constructed and deconstructed in a few minutes. So, what are you waiting for?

The Setup of Grow Tent

Grow Tent

The available space you have could be the biggest factor that limits your movement. So, it is highly important to make sure that the vertical size of the tent can be accommodated by the existing room. In the other article, we have the tips to choose the best tent for your home and your plant or how to best 2×2 grow tent setup.

Grow lights, straps, holders, and reflectors

The lights are something that circulates the power and helps your crops to absorb and process the nutrients. It is very important to choose the best grow lights that suit your tent. In fact, giving the plants too much light will force you to create more ventilation spots so the heat can be carried out. Too much light will also expose your plants to the risk of burning. On the other hand, you cannot put too little light intensity.

Ventilation and air flow

Before choosing the tent, you may want to check the grow tent reviews on the internet. The next thing you need to consider is the temperature of the tent and other characteristics you need to provide. The ventilation is one of the most important things when it comes to set up a grow tent.

Air exchange is highly needed to provide a healthy environment for the crops. This is why you need to provide enough ventilation so the hot air can be carried outside the tent and the crops can breathe normally. If you are not so sure how much you must provide for the ventilation, you may use the PHRESH Filter’s calculator to find out that the needed ventilation.

Odor control

Sometimes, according to the type of plants, you will need to install the air filter. It will filter the air that gets out from the tent but it will leave the weird smell. This is why you need to prepare and install the carbon filter, good inline fans, and proper ducting.

Other tools

There are also several other tools you need to purchase to provide the best tent set-up for your plants. The tools include the plant support, net trellis, timer, and also the meter of humidity and temperature. It is important to provide and install the items and tools properly if you want to get the best setup of grow tent.

What to do after the grow tent is set

Do not forget to choose the right system for your hydroponic plants. Later, you can start your seeds. Growing plants is also a commitment. You need to give nutrients and water on a regular basis or they will die just like another lively creature. On the other hand, you will also grow and evolve as your plants grow. So, enjoy your gardening journey with the proper grow tent setup.

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