LED Grow Lights Best for Growing Plants Indoors

When it comes to the LED grow lights best for growing plants, we need to make reviews in the first place. Well, the presence of lights is highly needed for indoor plantation system. In this article, we have made a review of several brands of LED lights that are commonly used for growing plants indoor inside the grow tents or grow boxes. But before you choose the best one for your setup, there are several things you need to consider in the first place before buying the lights.

Things to Consider Before Buying LED Grow Lights


The first thing you need to ensure the available space, considering each LED light has its own coverage area and it could be different from one to another. Other than that, you need to understand the growing space because even the LED grow lights best would not work effectively without a proper measurement in the first place. Other than that, do not forget to read the review and feedback from other users.

Brand, budget, and price

Some people put these three things as the most important factors when it comes to making consideration. In fact, a higher quality of lights will make a better result. If this is your first time making an indoor space for growing plants, you definitely want to start with something a bit cheap. You can try your luck by looking for the best led grow light review under 200$ on the internet.


If you get a full spectrum to grow light, this will help your plant to grow much better. It is important to have both red and blue spectrums along with ultraviolet and infrared lights. Still, it depends on the stage of your plants. The good thing about a full spectrum LED grow light is that it runs pretty cool. It will make the best grow tent setup without extra fan needed.

Electrical usage

It is important that the LED lights have great electrical efficiency and durability as well. A good type of LED lights would be able to operate at least 12 hours per day. Basically, the higher total output will give you a more powerful effect on the plant.

Light control

According to the stage of the plant, you will need to make sure that your plants get a proper amount of lighting. The exact hour is also important. When your plant is in the seedling phase, it needs 8 hours off and 16 hours on. While the plan is in the vegetative phase, it needs 6 hours off and 18 hours on. In the end, when it is the flowering phase, you will need to manage 12 hours off and 12 hours on to make the best indoor grow tent.

Best LED Grow Lights Reviews

Bestva 2000w

Compared to other LED grow lights on the market today, BESTVA 2000W can be touted as the best one without wrecking your wallet that hard. It is also one of the best grow tent accessories while it also serves the main function as the weather controller. On the other hand, it runs very coolly so you do not need to provide additional fans in the tent. It has fans and it also runs quietly yet smoothly too.

Advanced Platinum Series P300

If you love the P600 series but the budget is too tight then you may take a look at this P300. It is sold at an affordable price and there are various benefits offered by this light. It provides a great light intensity that seems just enough for the plants to grow healthily. Other than that, the 11-band spectrum from this light allows your cannabis to get the best nutrition from its IR and UV light.

Morsen 2400W Full Spectrum Panel

If this is your first time to grow plants or cannabis indoor then this light might be the best for you. The lights provide a stronger yet bigger power to shine on your plants. Other than that, it also consumes low electrical energy so you can save some money from the electrical bill. You can even use this light to put culture, house garden, a greenhouse, and many more.

King Plus 3000W Double Chips

This light provides you with its great design and a high PAR value that will shine across the canopy. This brand is relatively new on the market but it already has its own fan base. This light is suitable for greenhouses, grow rooms, and grow tents as well.

Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 300W

When it comes to the most trusted brand, Apollo will never let you down. The price is affordable and it provides you the best quality of LED grow lights on the market. It works with any seed and plant you want to grow. So, we consider Apollo as one of the LED grow lights best for indoor growing plants.

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