The Best Indoor Grow Tent Kit 

A grow tent kit is definitely something that you should get if you are trying to start an indoor garden. Why? Because some plants need to have a grow tent for it to work indoors. Grow tent simulates the outside world, and because plants grow faster if you grow them outside, you should definitely buy a tent kit or two (depends on the size of your indoor garden) if you can help it. They are not that essential, but they are very helpful in helping the plants grow faster.

That being said, it can sometimes be hard finding the best indoor grow tent. There are many factors to consider when you are choosing one, and the uninitiated would find it hard to keep those factors in mind. That is why we devised this article for you. Without taking more of your time, here are those best grow tent kits that you need to buy if you got the budget:

Grow Tent Kit That Would Not Disappoint You and Your Plants

Gorilla Grow GGT59


Surely you must have heard of this tent because this tent is the tent that decorates the list of many grow tent review websites. It is one of the largest grow tents that you can get, and the price is not too high for such a big tent. Those who only just started learning indoor hydroponics should get this one.

Equipped with a metal frame all around, this is the tent that you should refer to if someone ever asks about the strongest grow tent ever. It got a signature locking mechanism that blocks all sort of unwanted things from entering and ruining your plant. It is easy to setup thanks to a sort of symbols in each metal joint. Each purchase will net you a free extension kit that can extend the size of the tent by a large margin. Definitely the right tent if you are looking for durability and height adaptability.

Not only that, safety is also a very prominent aspect that the tent shows. With an infrared blocker available, this tent prevents any harmful radiation from escaping the interior of the tent, thus reducing the chance of those working near it from getting cancer or other radiation induced diseases.

However, it is probably the most expensive tent on the list. On several marketplaces, you can find it for cheap, but it is mostly sold expensively. This tent, though, is almost always recommended by farmers all over the world. The best LED grow light review under $200 has also mentioned this tent as the most compatible tents with lots of grow lights, so it should not be a wonder why we recommend this one first above the other tents.

Apollo Horticulture Mylar Tent

Apollo Horticulture Mylar Tent
Apollo Horticulture Mylar Tent

The second tent that we want to recommend you is the one from Apollo, a tent that is the second best go Gorilla. It got a nice warranty system setup and the tent would not take too long when it comes the time for you to reassemble it. The interior of this plant is made of materials that will reflect light, which is always good because a plant always needs lighting to grow.

It is also a very durable tent while being light at the same time, which are the two things that you could definitely appreciate from a grow tent.

Its reflective interior tells you one thing about Apollo’s focus: they want to make sure the light that comes from any grow light will be focused on the plan and none other. Mylar is a very reflective material, and as the name implies, it is the most commonly used material in the tent.

Because of that high level of reflectivity, you would need a less intense grow light. The dimmest of grow lights can be turned very bright thanks to the tent’s reflective nature, so this is the perfect tent if you got a grow light that is a bit lacking in performance.

Gorilla with LTGGT22

This is the only tent you should buy if you are looking for a small grow tent kit. This 2×2 tent is small, but seeing that it is a tent from Gorilla, it should do the job well. If you are just starting, this is the perfect tent that you should get with your hard earned money.

Just like the first one, this tent is strong and very hardy, a good tent to get if you want to do small, heavy-duty work. Equipped with a filter that can block bugs, dust, and other unlikely stuff, this tent will protect your plants like a momma gorilla would her daughter.

You can also skip the ‘tent-opening’ part if you want to check on your plants because it got very-easy-to-look-through windows called the EZ-View windows. Might not come with the radiation protector like the first one, but it can definitely help reduce radiation exposure. A grow tent kit that will be perfect if you are yet able to buy the bigger tents.

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