The Best LED Grow Light Review under $200

In this article, we want to give you the LED grow light review for 5 popular brands and the price is under USD 200. This LED light might be suitable for you who want to make an upgrade but on a budget. All products that will be review are made by several reputable companies and the light provides a series of complete nutrition for the plants. Besides your plants will grow faster, the light also provides a better yield.

According to the consumed power, the LED grow lights for cannabis range between 600W and 1500W. All products in this article are compatible with both small and medium grow tents. In this article of the LED grow light review, we have made the pros and cons of each product that need to be considered before you purchase one of them. All you need to do is take a look on our list.

Best LED Grow Light

Viparspectra Reflector Series 600W LED grow light

The next grow lights review will be from Vipaspectra. In fact, this brand is the favorite of many cannabis growers out there. Compare to the HPS/MH light, this LED only consumes less than 270 watts when the lamp is working. Its outer case is made of aluminum and it also acts as the heat sink. It makes the temperature low even though the light is pretty bright. Other than that, this product has two pieces of cooling fans that produces no sound while making the process so efficient.

In the box, you will find several items such as a power cord with 6 feet of length and a hanging kit. Other than that, there is a user manual so you can install it on your own. Besides the LED light, you will also get a daisy chain cord with 6.5 feet of length.

You may get in love with this product due to its daisy chain and an affordable price along with various features. There a 3-year warranty for the light and it gets cooler for 70 percent compared to similar products. The lights are made by a reputable manufacturer that only uses highly qualified LED chips. It also provides a big coverage area and you do not need to worry about the temperature.

However, this flowering grow-light could not work if the temperature is above 40C. Besides, it has no waterproof feature.

Best 1500W LED Growing Lights

Bestva 1500W LED grow light

If you need the best cheap grow light for a wider growing area then this product should be on your consideration list. Its coverage area is pretty wide, which is 6.4 feet x 6 feet if you hang it 24 inches above the ground. For a price of less than USD 200, this light is pretty great yet affordable.

Other than the wider coverage area, it has been equipped with highly-qualified LED chips. Since it is manufactured with a précised engineering calculation, it makes a balanced coverage and lumen output. The chips, on the other hand, could last up to 100,000 hours. When it comes to the consumer powers, these LED lights only consume 280 watts when it is working. In the box, you will find the light, hanging kits, and a power cord with 6 feet of length.

The good things about this product include its low energy consumed without sacrificing the quality, especially that this light features a full spectrum. It is equipped with two pieces of cooling fans that produce no sound. This LED light adopts the dual-chip system with an affordable price and a bigger coverage area. There are a 3-year warranty and a 30-day money back program.

The con of this product is that you will find no power switch for both Veg and Bloom modes. So, you will just turn on and off all LED lights all the time.

Dimgogo 1500W LED grow light

The next product on our review of top rated LED grow lights under USD 200 is from Dimgogo. It provides an excellent efficiency due to its triple chips of 10-watt LED lights. It makes the light appears much brighter and much more efficient compared to similar products. The energy consumption is not more than 270 watts and, on the other hand, it provides a sophisticated lumen output.

Another interesting thing about this product is that it is equipped with two cooling fans for each individual chip. It also includes the UV and IR lights to make it grow faster and more yields as well. The coverage area is 6.5 feet x 6 feet, which is pretty impressive. In a box, you will get the LED light from Dimgogo along with power cord and hanging kits as well.

The pros of this product include a 3-year product warranty and triple-chip design. The output of lumen and PAR is pretty high so it could cover a larger area even though the price is pretty affordable. It consumes lower energy while it has IR and UV LEDs as well. However, this indoor LED grow-light can only last for 50,000 hours while other products could provide two times better.

Best 1200W LED Growing Lights under $200

Bestva Reflector Series 1200W LED grow light

It features a high-end design for less than USD 200 on the price tag. The ratio of the red and blue LEDs is 1:1. This is why this light provides a great blend of spectrums. Other than that, there are two different modes such as the Veg and Bloom modes.

The materials used for making this light are heat resistant, which will make you relief about the safety aspect. The power supply is isolated as well for better safety. According to a report, the highest temperature of the light is 125F. We would say that this brand is the best LED grow light for the money since it only consumes 260 watts of power. Meanwhile, if you use the HPS/MH lights with the same light output, it will wreck you up to 1000 watts of power consumption.

Its outer frame is made of aluminum that also features the structure 5mm integral aluminum radiator. The result of the system is a brighter light and more PAR output. This grow light could cover up to 5.2 feet x 4 feet, which is quite favorable for sure. In the package, you will get the grow light along with its user manual. There are also a free hanging kit and a power cord with 6 feet of length.

We rate this product as one of the best indoor LED grow lights because of several aspects. This product provides 24-hour customer service and a 3-year product warranty. The machine runs very coolly and quiets due to its great radiator design. The safety is not something you need to worry about and it has been proven by the ratings on Amazon. The coverage is quite large and the light features a full spectrum as well.

However, the price is considered a little expensive. Other brands may give a cheaper price with similar features. Still, you can always choose this product if money is not your main concern.

Morsen Reflector-Series 1200W LED grow light

Morsen is, in fact, one of the reputable manufacturers that produce LED lights for growing pots. Also, this is one of the best ones when it comes to under USD 200 price. This product is made in such a way to produce a balanced lumen output and its coverage. This is why you may get an efficient growing process and, on the other hand, you can save on the electricity bill. It consumes less than 250 watts.

There is an aluminum heat sink installed to this light to control the temperature. It keeps everything cool inside and eliminates the hot air. For the safety aspect, this product has been certified by RoHS and CE as well. If you purchase this item, you may get a power cord with 4.5 feet of length and hanging kit along with the LED light inside the box.

The pros of this product include the large coverage area and a 3-year warranty along with a 30-day money back program. There is Zener protection for its LED lights and the chips from EPILEDs are in good quality. With the nice design of its reflector cup, this product has a long lifespan. However, there is no waterproof feature. It also does not mention any cooling fans.


So, what is the best LED grow lights after all? All products we have mentioned above are the best LED growing lights and priced less than USD 200 and you may compare the prices on the internet from several online shops. You can choose the one that may suit you but we would gladly recommend you to purchase Viparspectra, considering its reputable manufacturer and excellent quality for the best cheap grow light.

The Viparspectra is well known for its superior quality along with a long lifespan when it comes to durability aspect. You can even find so many positive feedbacks from people who have used this product. Other than that, the Viparspectra is suitable for both the first time user and a professional plant grower. And this is the end section of our LED grow light review.

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