The Best LED Grow Lights 2019 High Times

The best LED grow lights 2019 can be a reference for a LED light category for growing and developing your plants. There are some lists of the recommended LED grow lights that can be chosen. It monitors and reviews a hundred LED lights available in the market in 2019 making a simple list to help you in making a choice of the best-LED lights for the growth of the plants. Every light is evaluated in some factors such as cost, watt, durability, spectrum, result, and many more.

The Best LED Grow Lights 2019 High Times
The Best LED Grow Lights 2019 High Times

The Considerations of Selecting the Best LED Grow Lights 2019

Before selecting the best cob LED grow light in 2019, it is better to consider several things. Every light is surely offering great features to attract one’s attraction and interests. There are several considerations before selecting the best one.


You need to ensure that you have an idea about a number of rooms requiring LED light. Every light has a range of covered room maximum. It is important to understand the measurement of the growing room up to centimeters. If you don’t know it, you have to find it now. After it has finished, make sure that you read reviews and feedback from the others about it.

Brand and Price

What is a cob light? COB light is a kind of LED grow light to stimulate the growth of the plants. It is can to be applied in both outdoor and indoor area. It will be important because it is high quality light starting with the lower price option making your plants growing maximally.

If you are experienced, it is not wrong to go with the high quality option of the lights at a higher price. In addition, the brand and quality of light are very important. The good brand has many reviews and sure warranty.


LED grow light with an appropriate spectrum will help you in assisting the growth of your plants. You will require a blue and red spectrum. However, it includes infrared and ultraviolet depending on the stage. It is important to have a strong light with the different wavelengths to ensure the maximum growth.

The full spectrum result tends to be new for the industry but it makes development for the best plantation catalog. It operates with a cold feature in which it doesn’t need an additional fan. The price tends to be cheaper from time to time.

The Use of Electricity

The LED light is requiring electrical power and efficiency. The best LED grow lights 2019 light must operate at least 10 to 12 hours a day. When you research a good LED light, you need to understand an output total of the best LED grow lights 2019.

The Light Control

It depends on the stage in which you have to ensure that the manufacturer receives the number of the right lighting. You have to know the phase details in the use of grow LED light. A seeding phase is active for 16 hours. A vegetative phase is active for 18 hours. The blossoming phase is active for 12 hours. It is important that a light cycle is followed by the tee because it is changing the growth and the potential of your plants.

The Recommended Best LED Lights 2019

If you want to find the best cob LED grow lights, you should concern the following reference. It consists of several light categories that can be chosen.

Bestva 2000W

From the hundreds of LED grow lights, Bestva 2000W is really offering a sweet result to pursue your income and profits in planting the plants. The LED light is sold very cheaply and running very cool. It is working very well in the different tent sizes and the amazing lighting reflection system. It is very strong and working very well in all types of growth. For the users, it is recommended to operate it during a blossoming phase.

You can order the use of the light for 4×4 light to maximize the efficiency and intensity of the lights. The light design is enabling a great light penetration and easy setting with a minimal weight border. A new reflector series has a vegetable and flower switch in which it tends to be better than the cheap LED grow lights in the market. This LED light is really sparkling in a blossoming stage with an amazing result.

Advanced Platinum Series P300

The runner up and the last reference of the best LED grow lights 2019 is Advanced platinum series P300 300W. It is more affordable LED grow light offering many same benefits with P600 LED light but it tends to be cheaper. It is suitable for the compact growth area or a combination of the additional light for a bigger area. The light panel is effectively changing 400W HPS light. It is perfect for small farmers to maximize the growth of the plants. Those are some references of best led grow light review under $200.

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