The Best Led Grow Lights 2019

LED grow lights has some LED lights with some spectrums that are needed by every plant. Your plants will grow maximally with the help of this LED light. The best led grow lights are necessary to maintain the growth of your plants. In a plant growth, a plant requires the light to develop and grow. However, the sunlight is insufficient to fulfill the needs of the plants light. You will require best LED grow lights.

The Use of the LED Grow Lights

If you want to buy LED grow lights, it is suggested to buy best led grow light review under $200. The LED grows light category is the LED light with some important color spectrum to grow and maintain the growth of your plants. The grow light has a great quality without spotlight or shadow on the light. In addition, this LED light has a low consumption of power and has long durability. The usage of this LED light is used to be a medium of pot -growing kit. It is also more efficient and energy saving than a common light, HPS, or halogen lights.

The List of the Best LED Grow Lights

To help you find the best LED grow lights, you can select the following light category. The lights are available into some designs and types helping you to grow and develop plants easily and maximally. Those lights are categorized to be -pot growing lights.

28 Chip Grow LED Epistar

The first choice of the best LED grow light is called 28 chip grow LED epistar. This light uses 28 pieces of grow chips with 7 blue lights for 440 nm to 460 nm. It is helpful to grow plants. Meanwhile, 15 red lights of 630 nm – 660 nm is appropriate for growing flowers. It is suitable for pot growing kit. It also consists of one white light, one warm white light, 1 UV light and 1 infrared. The wave spectrum of grow lights with UV tends to be more complete than the other grow lights consisting of blue and red lights only. In addition, the lights are not only using LED grow light only so that it tends to be longer in which it is able to adjust to the plants’need.

The best light to grow pot can be got in this LED light category. The grow light is able to support the growth of the plants and accelerate a blossoming cycle so that the result is bigger and maximal. The grow light with UV light has a length of the appropriate spectrum so that it doesn’t kill plants. The result of the plants is greater than the other types of LED lights in the market. You will not spend time and money. The light tends to be more durable and saves 50-70% of the energy cost. The produced light is warm so that it doesn’t burn the plants and contains toxic. The best LED grow light is very right for you to grow plantation.

California Lightworks Solarstorm 440W

California Lightworks SS550 SolarSystem 550 LED Light 440W RED
California Lightworks SS550 SolarSystem 550 LED Light 440W RED

The next grow light category is California Lightworks solar storm 440W for pot growing lights. It tends to be more expensive than the LED light on the list. However, in one situation, you will get a maximal result with the paid cost. The special unit presents in the red bright color. It has a significant change from the soft light panels from the other manufacturers. The light tends to be more intensive than the other LED light having a 3W chip because it uses LED 5W to be the substitute light. The optical feature is high-quality glass focusing on 90 degrees.

In addition, it has two tubes of UV-B 15W to increase the growth in a blossoming stage. The panel is running coldly and calmly with the embedded fan. It is completed with 3 years warranty. It is to be the most famous brand in LED grow light community. Thus, it is the most popular light to product flower for CBD and tincture oil.

Mars Hydro Reflector 720W

Mars Hydro Reflector 720w
Mars Hydro Reflector 720w

The last recommended grow LED light is Mars hydro reflector 720W. It is the best grow LED lights that is much versatile. The light is not too hard and difficult to use. When you try this light, it is more than your expectation. It is not a cheap LED light. This light is one of the energy saving light depending on the other lights. It uses 4×4 canopy working maximally for outdoor area. This light has a standard switch so that it can turn to VEG mode or bloom. Mars hydro Reflector 720W becomes a type of the main light for a compact room. It is able to use for a medium room size in which it is more versatile. It has a spectrum of blue, red, and white for the vegetable and flowers stage. Those are some grow light reviews that can be chosen for growing your plants.

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