Best LED Grow Lights For Maximal Growth

Today, growing plants much easier with the help of technology. One of them is with the help of an LED grow light. The LED light has similar spectrums to sunlight which help plants to do photosynthesis process. That’s why the plants grow well even if you plant them indoors. Here, there are some best LED grow lights you can use to support your planting or gardening hobby.

The Best Led Grow Lights On The Market

Bestva 2000W

Bestva 2000w

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The LED grow light is included in the best grow tent lights because the design is suitable for some different tents. By the time you set the system, the light spreads fast to the plants and gives them the spectrums they need right away for maximal growth. The light produced by the lamp is powerful and it helps grow the plants effectively. This product is also supported by several fans to keep the lamp at the best temperature. You will not be disturbed by the sound of the fans because it is quiet enough but work well.

Although the grow light is suitable for some tent sizes, the result will be great for a 4×4 tent. Due to the design and the performance, Bestva 2000W becomes one of the best LED grow lights for flowering. It is also classified as one of the best full spectrum led grow lights. The spectrums are really needed by the plants and it makes your plants thriving.

Advanced Platinum Series P300

Advanced Platinum Series P300

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Growing in a small grow tent is not a problem anymore because Advanced Platinum Series P300 is designed to solve the problem. The size is compact and suitable for a small grow tent. For those who want to find an LED grow lights review to get the affordable one, you need to consider this product. The price is cheaper than any LED grow lights available in the market along with similar benefits and ability. Specifically, you can install this grow light if you have 3.8 feet or 4.5 feet growing tent.

Another benefit is that the growing light is able to replace 400 watt light by only 180 watts and it an electricity friendly product. For those who are looking for LED grow lights for cannabis, the grow light is a great option because the system produces 11 spectrums which needed by the cannabis. As the result, the cannabis gets more nutrition for maximal growth.

Morsen 2400W LED Grow Light

Morsen 2400w

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How about if you have a large growing tent? Morsen 2400W is the best solution because the size is designed for large tents. This product also produces powerful light compared to the other LED’s. Despite its power, the grow light is a low energy product and it can be used for any plating stages. Some growers love to choose Morsen because of its flexibility in which they can use the grow light in a house garden, pot culture, sowing, a greenhouse, and many more. It is not only an efficient product but also durable enough which can be used more than 50.000 hours.

Roleadro 300W

Roledro UFO 300w

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As a new product in the growing light industry, Roleadro offers a great design and features. One of the stunning features is the 10W double chips to produce brighter light. You may use this product to grow plants in a grow tent, room, or greenhouse. You will be supported by complete supportive items and they are easy to install. The lamp is able to produce high PAR at very low wattage and it makes your plants grow fast.

Viparspectra Reflector

Viparspectra Reflector 600w

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Viparspectra Reflector is an answer for growers who find 600 watt LED grow light. Because that, the product is able to produce high PAR value at a very low wattage. Moreover, the light consists of 12 spectrums and it is a good option for the veg cycle. As the result, you will see the vegetables grow fast due to the brightness of the light. You should consider the grow lights LED review if you really need 600 watt LED grow light right away.

After learning a little bit about top LED grow lights above, you need to learn something which makes you sure to use LED grow light to grow your plants. Just learn from the questions and answers below to get a deeper understanding of the LED growing light product and its role and benefits.


What are the Best LED Grow Lights for Cannabis?

The key to growing cannabis successfully is giving complete nutrition to the plant. That’s why you need to install an LED grow light with around 11 spectrums or more. In this case, you can choose to install Advanced Platinum Series P300 because the product produces up to 11 light spectrums. Moreover, you can also use it for a small growing tent. Another option is using Viparspectra Reflector in which the light produces 12 different spectrums.

How Many LED Grow Lights Do I Need?

The thing to consider before deciding the LED grow lights you have to use is the size of the growing tent. You also need to consider the plant type and grow phase before using the LED grow lights. Commonly, you need to use 32 watts of grow light to cover 1 square foot growing tent. This standard is used for flowering stage. This is also the reason why LED grow light is the best option for growing instead of using HID.

Is LED Grow Lights Safe for Humans?

Based on the result, an eco-friendly LED light can damage your eyes. In specific, the exposure of LED light can be bad for your retina. The side effects can be more than just damaging retina, especially for the older people. The side effects are including muscular tissue breakdown, cataracts, and tissue oxidation. The negative impact is similar to the impact of television, smartphone, computer, and tablet screen light exposure. Despite the side effect, the traditional light is more dangerous due to its ultraviolet radiation exposure. On the other hand, LED lights offer more benefits such as efficient, environmentally friendly, affordable, and durable.

Do LED Grow Light Damage Your Eyes?

Yes, if your eyes are infected by the exposure of the LED grow lights. In specific, the LED growing light can damage your retina and reduce your vision. The light also triggers a specific eyes disease such as cataract.

What is the Best HPS Bulb for Flowering?

There are some best HPS bulbs you can use for flowering. For example, you can use EyeHortilux HX66620 in which it produces valuable spectrums to grow your plants maximally. This is included on the best 400-watt HPS bulb for flowering with supports more green and violet spectrums. At the same time, the product contains less mercury. You can also use Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS 1000 for flowering and fruiting stages. You can use this product to support your hydroponic project and a greenhouse due to the production of the red-orange spectrum.

Is LED Grow Lights Better than Fluorescent?

Based on some factors, LED grow lights are better than Fluorescent. LED grow light is better in the energy efficiency. This is because this growing light is using a fraction of the electricity and it is a good option for a large grow tent or space which need a lot of light without increasing the electricity bill. LED grow light is also a nontoxic product compared to the fluorescent. Fluorescent consists of mercury vapor and it damages your brain, lungs, and the other organs. Moreover, mercury vapor can also be a pollutant to the environment. Unlike LED grow light which made of the environmentally friendly material. Despite the issue that LED grow light can damage the retina, this product is still a good option for growing plants.

What are T5 Grow Lights and the Best You Have to Use?

The product is called T5 grow light because it is compatible for both, whether for fluorescent and LED grow lights. The diameter of the tube is around 5/8 inches along with two-foot and four-foot lengths. The reason why growers love to use this light is that it is the best grow light for any growing environments. Indeed, the grow light is also supporting your growing process maximally which triggers the plants to grow well. Despite it produces high-quality light, T5 grow light is made by mercury vapor, neon, xenon, argon, and krypton.

There are several best T5 grow lights you can choose for a maximal growing process. Let say, you can use iPower T5 Grow Lights. This T5 grow light is a suitable product for growers who want to grow cannabis. This is because of the product able to help in passing different growing stages including cutting, cloning, and germination. This is also because the product is supported by a 6500K light spectrum output to grow the cannabis 15% to 20% faster. You can also use Durolux DL824 in which this product is considered as the most effective T5 grow light. The design makes the product lighter than any other T5 grow lights. This is also a good grow light for growing cannabis because it is able to produce 10.000 lumens. As the result, the grow light is able to grow cannabis 30% faster and more efficient than any other grow lights.

Do LED Grow Lights Get Hot?

When you put your hand close to the LED grow lights you feel warm. The hot temperature is lower than halogen and fluorescent lights. So, what is the difference between LED grow light and fluorescent grow light in the term of producing heat? What you need to know that LED growing light uses 90% to 95% of its energy to produce light whereas the 10% to 5% of the energy is used to produce heat. On the other hand, the fluorescent uses its 90% to 95% energy to produce heat and 5% to 10% energy to produce light. This is the reason why LED grow light is less hot than fluorescent grow light. Plus, LED growing light is more environmentally friendly than fluorescent grow light.

Can LED grow Light Flicker?

Yes, LED grow light can flicker for some reasons. There is a possibility that you are not installing the LED grow light properly and when you are turning the lamp on, it is flicker. You also need to understand the power supply of the LED grow light. The common light sources such as fluorescent lamps are using AC power supply whereas LED growing light is using a DC power supply. The main reason why your LED grow light flicker is that you don’t have an LED driver. The LED driver helps to convert the power supply from AC to DC.

As the result, your LED growing light will get enough and constant power supply and keep the light away from a flickering problem. If it is not, you have to make sure that the LED bulbs have been supported by a built-in driver inside because some of them require a separate driver.

Do LED Grow Light Save Your Money?

Yes, LED grow light can save your money a lot. The reason is that LED growing light uses less energy to grow your plants. Because you only use less energy it means you don’t have to pay extra money for the electricity bill. At the same time, you can grow the plants maximally so the chance to fail is small. LED grow light is also a durable product. In comparison, fluorescent growing light can be used up to 2000 hours whereas an LED growing light is able to use up to 25000 hours. It means you don’t have to change the bulb for a long time and it limits your expense to buy a new bulb.

The explanation above shows to you that LED grow light is a great option to support your growing projects. This product is able to grow any kind of plants indoor along with low energy and maximal result. Moreover, you can also save the environment because LED growing light is using safe materials than fluorescent grow light. Nowadays, diy LED grow light is easy to find and even you can buy it online. The most important thing, you are able to grow the plants such as cannabis with the best hps grow lights at home faster and easier.

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