The Best LED Grow Lights

Perhaps you have been wondering about which of the LED grow lights are the best LED grow lights that you can buy. If that is the question that has been bothering you for a while, then you are in luck because we got several LED lights that we think are good LED grow lights for you.

The Best Led Grow Lights That Will Never Disappoint You

Because time is of the essence for folks like you, then perhaps we should start with the first grow LED light that we can recommend you: the Phlizon Newest 1200W LED Plant Grow Light.

A bit about the Phlizon Newest 1200W

Phlizon Newest 1200W
Phlizon Newest 1200W

This is the light that has topped the top 10 LED growing lights reviews everywhere, folks. Many people bought this light for a good many reasons, and unless you want to DIY LED grow lights, you need to get this and you would not be disappointed.

Why would you not be disappointed when disappointment is such a recurring theme in life? Because of its performance, of course. It is filled with many cool feats such as the lack of reflector (this is cool because a reflector can cause a lot of damage to the LED light if it melts), easy to use hanging hooks, and double cooling fans to keep things a bit cooler near the heated area.

This is the best light that your money can get you, meaning that you should not be too hesitant if you got the correct amount of money to buy it.

But not all of this light is good. There are still cons to think about, and some of those cons might be a bit off-putting for you. If you cannot handle the noise that the light produces, then you are better off skipping this fan altogether because this one light is noisy as heck. It is also small and the lights are not too distinguished between themselves, making it hard for you if you want to find out which light you are currently using now (the lights need to be different with each growth process). The unit is small, too, so if you want to light up a wider area, you need to buy more than one unit.

Buying more than unit should not be too much of a problem if the price is not high. Sadly, the price is high (US$150), so you might need to do a bit of wallet scrounging if you want to buy one of them. The pros the LED offers totally outweigh the cons, though, so you should not be hesitant in buying this model if you got the right amount of money.

Roleadro LED Grow Light from Galaxyhydro is the best cheap LED grow light

If budget is a bit of a concern for you, then say no more, ladies and gentlemen. For the next recommendation, we got the Roleadro LED Grow Light, an LED light that is much cheaper than the ones we recommend above (at US$99). This lamp might not offer the same performance as Phlizon Newest, but that does not mean you can just discount this lamp, no. This is the best lamp for the value, offering the right amount of performance when compared to its price.

Sure you will find cheaper lamps if you want to look deeper for them, but none works better than this one. Sure you will find better performing lamps if you look far, but none are cheaper than this one. This is the jack-of-all-trades of lamps, being able to do things that other lamps can do (although not as cheap) and is cheaper than many other lamps (although not as good).

Why should you get this? Get this only if you do not have the money at all but you still want to buy an LED lamp for your crops. This is an easy to install lamp that does not hog most of your electricity bills and the presence of double cooling fans is a godsend for LED lamps.

However, this model is even smaller than Phlizon, so you know what you are entitled to. It is not a good lamp to use for a long time, too. The bulb will break if you use it for a prolonged amount of time, and you will need to pay more to maintain this light.

The last light is the most powerful of them all: the VIHIMAI 1000W LED Grow Light

This last light will serve you the best if power is what you are looking for. The VIHIMAI is the best light that you can buy if you want to bring the power of synthetic ultraviolet upon your plants. With four cooling fans, heat shall not be a problem for this big boss. If you ask about the price, then US$119 shall be your answer. It is perfect if you got a large indoor garden going and it is so hot that you can burn a plan with it.

Unless you did not notice, that last part is also its con. This thing is so powerful you need to install it up high on the ceiling to avoid this lamp from burning your plants. Aside from that, nothing else can be said about this light. That lack of cons alone should tell you why we put this light in our list for the best LED grow lights, yes?

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