Top 10 LED Growing Lights Reviews

There are a lot of growing lights available in the market. Some of them are using a traditional lamp and the rest of the products are using LED light. LED growing light has a lot of benefits than traditional growing light. The list of led growing lights reviews below provides you with the information about the top rated LED growing lights you can use at home.

Bestva 2000w

Top Rated LED Growing Lights

BESTVA LED Growing Light

BESTVA LED growing light is presented in 2000W light and it spreads light to the plants fast. Moreover, it is applicable for any size of tents. Due to the power and design, you are able to use this LED growing light for all types of growth stages, especially for the flowering stage. What gardeners love about this product are its quiet fans. The Reflector Series is a good option because the manufacturer improves the product with better light penetration and lightweight. The point is that this is the best flowering grow light you can choose.

Advanced Platinum LED Growing Light

The best part of this LED growing light is that it has the ability just like a P600 growing light but it is more affordable. Based on the size, this product is perfect for those who only have a small growing area at home although you are able to combine it with additional for larger growing areas. Another benefit of using this LED growing light is on its energy efficiency. You just need to use 180 watts of power and it is enough to give light to the plants to make them grown well. This product is also leading to the intensity level due to the high PAR per Lumen output. Because of that, the intensity of this product is 2 to 3 times higher than other grow lights. Indeed, this is the best LED grow light for the money along with maximal performance.

Morsen LED Growing Light

Morsen is included on the list of the led growing lights reviews because of its technology. In fact, this growing light is more powerful compared to other growing lights in the market. Interestingly, you only need to use low energy although it is powerful. Gardeners love to use this product because it is flexible enough in which you can use it in a house garden, pot culture, sowing, greenhouse, and many more. It is also a durable growing light because you can use up to more than 50.000 hours and it is enough to make the plants and vegetables grow well. The technology used makes this LED growing light included on the best full spectrum LED grow lights.

King Plus LED Growing Light

As a new brand in the growing light industry, King Plus provides its customers with a high-quality product. Let say, this product is brighter and more efficient than traditional 3W and 5W LED growing lights. This is because the product is supported by 10W double chips. It doesn’t matter if you want to use this lamp for grow tents, room, and greenhouses because the product works maximally. This is also one of good LED lights for those who need to use an easy to install LED growing light. You will also get everything you need to grow plants and vegetables well such as hangers, cords, and carabiners. The point is that you can just install the product and get ready to see the result.

Apollo Horticulture LED Growing Light

The strength of this product is on its low heat level along with its compact design. Because it is a lightweight product, you can move and install it right away. Due to its ability and technology, Apollo Horticulture is a perfect LED growing light for all stages whether for vegetables or flowers. At the same time, the plants will respond to the light from this product well so they grow maximally. If you want to find the best cheap grow light, Apollo Horticulture is the answer.

Galaxy Hydro LED Growing Light

If you only have limited money to buy a growing light, Galaxy Hydro is a good option. The price of this product is cheap but it serves you well. The product is durable and effective enough to give your beloved plants, vegetables, and flowers light to grow maximally. The drawback is that this product can’t speed up the growth of the plants but still you will not disappointed with the performance and the result you will get. The problem of buying a cheap LED growing light is that it is not supported by complete basic accessories. That’s why you still have to spend extra money to buy some basic accessories. Despite the drawback, this product is still a recommended indoor LED grow light.

California Lightworks Solar Storm LED Growing Light  

If you see the price, this product is included on the list of an expensive LED growing light but you get what you have paid. For example, your beloved plants will get enough red light which can boost the growth of the plants, especially in the flowering stage. You can keep focuses on managing the plants without any disturbing noise from the fans. The thing you need to know that California Lightworks Solar Storm is the most popular product and you must take LED flowering grow lights if you want to grow a variety of flowers at home and see the result.

Mars Hydro Reflector LED Growing Light

This is also considered as an affordable LED growing light. This is used by gardeners because of its easy installment so they can use the growing light right away. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a product which is low energy to grow the plants maximally. Due to the size, the product is suitable for a compact growing area such as in a 4×4 canopy. Another great thing about Mars Hydro Reflector is that it is supported by full spectrum which produces blue, red, and white which is needed by plants, especially for the flowering stage. Indeed, it is a recommended LED light spectrum you have to buy to see flowers in your growing area.

G8LED Growing Light

The thing that makes this product recommended to use is its experience in the LED industry. The manufacturer has 8 years of experience in serving their customers. In its technology, the technology is suitable whether for vegetative growth and flowering stage. The design makes the product able to give intensive lighting for the area. You can choose this product if you only have a 24 square feet of a canopy at home. It produces a maximal result because the light only produces low heat and electricity usage. The problem is that the price seems to be expensive but it doesn’t matter as long as you have the best pot growing kit, right?

Vipar Spectra Reflector Series LED Growing Light

This product is what gardeners looking for because it is affordable and low energy usage. Just take a look at your monthly electricity bill after you use this product. There will be no significant increase in the bill and it is a remarkable thing about this product. For those who need an LED growing light for vegetative stage, Vipar Spectra Reflector series is the answer because it gives brighter and powerful light without destroying the plants with excessive heat. This is really the best LED grow lights for vegetables. So, what else you are looking for if you get an affordable LED growing light with great performance.

Tips while Using LED Growing Lights

After learning a little bit from the led growing lights reviews above, you can learn more about some valuable tips while using this product. For example, you need to consider the energy used anytime you grow plants indoors. The energy used depends on the size of the area such as a 35W LED growing light is suitable for 1 square feet area. You may use 70W and 140W LED growing light if you have 2 and 4 square feet growing areas.

Another trick you need to know is the best distance to put the LED growing plant. It is better not putting the light too close or too far from the plants. The distance is also depending on the watt. Let say, if you want to use a 250W LED growing light, you have to put it around 12 to 24 inches above the tent. If you have a 450W LED growing light, just install it around 14 to 30 inches above the tent.

So, which is the best one? LED growing lights or HPS growing lights? The thing you need to consider is that LED growing light is low energy usage whereas HPS needs more energy to perform maximally. Moreover, you also need to consider about the lifespan of the grow lights in which LED growing light has a longer lifespan than HPS growing light. The most important thing is that LED growing light provides low heat than HPS growing light so it is safer for your beloved plants and flowers. Just read the led growing lights reviews above carefully and get your best-growing light and harvest the plants right away.

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